Lessons learnt from making the Peony Wedding Cake

Peony wedding cake2Hello everyone.  Hope you’re all doing great.

I made a wedding cake late 2014.  The bride’s colours were purple, lilac and gold.

In making the wedding cake, I learnt a few things.  I always jot down the things I learn while making different cakes so I won’t make the same mistakes next time and if something worked out well, I also note it down to make it easier for me next time too.

I learnt the following things from making the peony wedding cake.

1. The saw-like Wilton cake leveller is not worth it at all. The small wire-like one is even more reliable.

2. A spirit level is very helpful for straight layers.

3. Don’t put two 8″ pans in the oven at the same time.

4. I have the mind of Christ. I was not prepared to buy expensive stamens for the peony flowers (after purchasing those ridiculously priced peony petal cutters) and God gave me a fabulous idea on what to use.

5. Finally, I can do all things through Jesus who helps me.  I worked on this cake after work each day.  It was not funny at all!!! The traffic was hectic. I get home very late and start work immediately on the cake.  I was shocked I could meet up with the deadline.  It was wonderful and encouraged me because I thought I needed to take time off work each time I had a wedding cake but this proved I could do it without sacrificing all my annual leave days.  Hooray.

I will post my timeline for this cake latter. Cheers.


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