Timeline for making the peony wedding cake

Hello everyone.  I promised to post my timeline for the peony wedding cake.  Here is it.  Please note that this timeline is not recommended AT ALL.  It’s too tight and there’s barely any room for errors.

The wedding was on a Saturday. It was a 4-tiered cake: 6-8-10-12. I don’t usually like this formation but since I don’t have a 5″ round pan yet, I make do.

Peony wedding cake2Sunday: baked the 8″ and 6″ cakes. Froze the cakes once they cooled.
Monday: (in the night) Baked the 10″ cake. Froze
Tuesday: (in the night) Baked the 12″ cake. Stored in the refrigerator.
Wednesday: (in the night) made all the fondant and buttercream required.
Thursday: (in the night) baked the cake to be sliced and packaged. Covered the 12″ and 10″ cakes with fondant.
Friday: (in the night) covered the 8″ and 6″ cakes with fondant. Cut and packaged the cake slices to be served at the reception. Dusted the peonies and hydrangeas. Assembled the peony petals.

This schedule is ridiculously hectic and I barely slept that night. I would never attempt using it again. I could get away with it because it was a simple cake and I’m experienced.  An inexperienced baker will have problems with this timeline, especially if you work during the day. The big flowers and studded-ribbon made the cake very beautiful and classic.

Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by.


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