Traditional Wedding Cake

These cakes were made for a client who held her white wedding in the morning and scheduled the traditional for the evening.

.ify pictures downloaded2 362 ify pictures downloaded2 367The cakes were made to reflect both the white wedding and the traditional wedding.

The cakes were vanilla flavoured.

The palm-wine gourd cake would be placed on the 12″ round white cake but when I got to the venue, it was not yet ready so I could not get a complete picture of the cake set up as I transported them separately to the venue.

Since the cakes would be used/cut during the traditional wedding in the evening, I had no choice but leave the cake with her family.

The brown colour for the palm wine gourd was Wilton.  FMM textured lace set was used for the pattern on the white cake and  pearls were added to enhance the design.

The top of the white cake was smeared with royal icing to help keep the palmwine gourd cake from sliding when placed on the white cake.

The bride’s elder sister later dropped a feedback with my mom that the cake was superb, both in taste and appearance.  That surely made my day.

A lady that attended the wedding later commissioned me to make her own combined traditional and white wedding cake too.


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