Combined Wedding Cake: white and traditional.

Traditional wedding cakeThis cake was ordered by another bride who had her white wedding in the morning and traditional in the evening.

The cake was served at the traditional wedding.

This bride actually saw a cake I made for another bride and commissioned me to make hers.

The white cake was made to reflect the white wedding and the palm wine gourd cake was to represent the traditional aspect.

I could not get a picture of the cake all set-up as this wedding took place out of town so I packed the cakes separately for the trip and they just placed the palm-wine gourd cake on the white when they arrived at their venue.

The top edge of the white cake was crimped with a crimper.  The sides were embossed with a Fleur-de-lis embosser from one of Wilton’s embossing sets (I need to confirm the name of this embossing set).

The white cake board was embossed with another pattern from the same embossing set; the pearls made with a silicone mould and the name plaque cut with a square cutter and writing made with an edible pen.


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