Roses wedding cake collage

wm Umuahia wedding cake complete collage

Just a brief write up on the stages involved in making the wedding cake as shown in the collage.

You can see the cake boards, wraps for the sliced cakes to be served guests at the reception party and the fireworks specifically requested by the bride’s friend.

Next are the packs of homemade fondant waiting to be used.

Next are cakes set for the freezer.  I double wrap in cling film and foil. Also pictured are purple and peach sugar roses and leaves all dried and ready for dusting.

Next set of pictures are the 10″ covered in fondant and dowelled, the 8″ covered in fondant and dowelled and the topsy turvy topped 6″.

Next picture shows cakes all wrapped and ready for packaging.  Cakes were transported individually and set up on arrival at Umuahia in Abia State.

Next is a bowl of dried sugar flowers.

I packed the sliced cakes for guests in cake boxes.  It looked more professional.

This cake, after setting it up, stayed for more than 3  hours in the hot sun.  I couldn’t help it.  There was just no shade for the cake and the ground was sooooo stony so moving the table around was just too risky.  The ground was not level at all. However, the cake survived the heat and all went well. Phew.



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