Double Rose Training

wm double rose training collage 2Every serious cake decorator takes steps to upgrade and improve on her skills.

I attended a training session at Double Rose Sugarcraft store.

Double Rose is well stocked with cake making and decorating equipment/tools.

I took time off my very hectic schedule to attend this training programme and I’m glad I did.

The collage is just a few of the things we learnt.

Siku Adewuyi, author of Ethnik Sugarcraft taught the leopard spot inspired design.  It was basically a stencilling kind of class.  I really like the fantasy flower.  The petals were cut with a leaf cutter.

Kema of Conspicious Cakes (Lagos) taught The African Bride.  It was lovely, wonderful, refreshing etc.  Thank you so much Kema.

Another class was Bed Cake taught by M & G Cakes (Port Harcourt). I forgot to take a picture of the cake.  I picked up so many tips from this class.

Party Spices (Port Harcourt) taught how to use Marvellous Molds and the scales effect above was the sample work.

The owner of Double Rose taught a class on baking Black Forest Cake and Cheesecakes.

There was another baking class by Gift Nwankwo, another type of chocolate cake.

Finally, Double Rose’s little daughter taught us how to make Cake Pops.  I actually know how to make these but I picked up so many relevant tips from her class. Her packaging of the end product was awesome!  I have actually made cake balls before but her class gave me ideas.

There were lots of cakes and sweets to eat and prizes were won, all courtesy of Double Rose Sugarcraft Store.

Thank you so much Double Rose.


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