2nd Niger Delta Cake Exhibition

2nd ND cake exhibition2nd niger delta cake exh This exhibition took place on the 30th of April and 1st of May 2015.  

I really had high hopes as I had pencilled down classes I would take during the exhibition(see my list below) and I had my shopping list ready but I was shocked to get to the venue on the 1st of May and was informed I had to pay a gate fee of N2,500 before I access the exhibition arena which included the shopping area and the class venue.  

I can understand a registration fee being charged but that was quite high.

That meant I had to pay to go and spend my money in the shopping area and/or pay to go and attend classes which I will still pay for.  It made no sense.

I looked around me and the venue was scanty. Later, the guys in charge of registration asked me “how much do you want to pay?”  I told them point-blank I will not pay a dime to go and attend a class which I will still pay for.  I had decided to forgo the shopping.  They insisted N1,000 was the last price for registration.  I refused to pay.  I left with my money, went to two cake shops and bought all the things I needed.

I had my sights set on the following classes:

*** Royal icing techniques (because I want to improve on my skill in this area as I work faster when I am piping).

*** Men’s cake ideas (a lot of decorators struggle with ideas for men cakes)

*** Flowers and fillers (very essential for wedding cakes)

*** Flower toppers (essential for wedding cakes)

I don’t know the game plan of the organizers but this year’s turnout was not as impressive as last year’s where decorators came from all over the Niger Delta region. I know very well that the price of N2,500 registration will definitely discourage some people from coming. I guess it’s their business anyway but I hope they would have a re-think and make the 3rd Niger Delta cake exhibition better than this year’s.


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