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Business Growth

I am really appreciative of what I have been able to achieve in my business but there is always room, plenty of room, for improvement.

I desire to be among the top paid cake decorators. I know it will not happen by wishing so I am currently putting modalities in place to help me get there.

I make effort to enlarge my capacity and acquire the right mindset for mega success.

To help me in this area of business, i closely follow Rebekah Allan of http://www.RebekahAllan.com

traditional wedding cake (2)-2109186099..jpeg

my beginner calabash cake (before)

lg small calabash cake (1)583204..jpeg

March 2018 cake

I believe I can be successful in my business

My favourite cake tool – small offset spatula

My small offset spatula is my most beloved cake tool. I use it to coat buttercream cakes and to crumb coat fondant cakes.

It is easier and more versatile than the big one which I also have.  I use the big offset spatula for crumb coating very large cakes only. Final smoothening will be with this small offset spatula.  I find it easier to control and maneuver.

offset spatula

The spatula is very helpful in picking up small fondant decorations like dots, letters and numbers etc.  I recently misplaced this spatula.  I had delivered and set up a wedding cake and forgot a small container with this spatula in it.  I searched all over the house for it.  I was sad as this spatula has been with me since my training days as a cake decorator.

I was reluctant to use my straight spatula as my knuckles kept digging into my buttercream cakes, making it difficult to smoothen.

I had to buy another spatula but I missed my old one with a wooden black handle.  The new offset spatula I bought was pink and had a plastic handle. Argh!

You could imagine my joy when I got my old spatula back.  I forgot it in the trunk of the car which took me to the wedding venue.  What a happy reunion we had!

Popular nigerian traditional wedding cakes – Palmwine Gourd Cake

There are so many designs used in nigerian traditional wedding cakes. These cake designs are completely different from white or church wedding cake designs.

One of such design is the palmwine gourd or calabash cake.

Most brides love the gourd filled with palmwine and sometimes , spilling.

Palmwine most be present at EVERY traditional wedding in Nigeria.

In the olden days, the palmwine was usually served from a gourd/calabash.

This design is our signature cake design. We make the finest calabash cakes.

Business Focus

Gatsy Cakes is a cake decorating business based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

We make bespoke celebration cakes but our specialty is Nigerian traditional or native wedding cakes.

We love to give our brides an awesome cake experience.

Contact us on 0818 754 2564. A trial will convince you.

Work days

We were told on the Ultimate Blog Challenge to share our work days with our readers.

I work everyday, yes, no off-days. Actually, I have a day job which runs from 7.30am to 5.00pm. After that, I resume at my cake business, Gatsy Cakes.

Weekends are off days on my day job and full days at my cake business.

Cake business is time consuming but planning makes all the difference.