Gift box cake

7″ fondant covered cake. The sides are decorated with blue stripes. The box lid is made from blue fondant with a fondant bow topper.

The cake board is embossed with a Wilton embosser and adorned with a sugar rose.

wm blue gift box cake


Red quilt patterned cake

This is a 7″ cake covered with red fondant and decorated with side quilt pattern.  White sugar roses, leaves, bead border and an embossed cake board were part of the decoration.

wm red quilted cake

Skill update – Cake Lace

Happy new month.

Cake lace has been around for quite a while.  I decided to go for a little training to enable me make the best use of the technique. It was quite easy to master and the cake below was for a customer after my training.

wm edible lace cake

The featured cake is a 7″ vanilla cake covered with pink fondant and blue cake lace. Gumpaste roses, leaves, buds and a plaque completes the decoration. The right birthday greeting was later written on the plaque with an edible marker before pickup.

Drip chocolate and cherry cake

8″ buttercream cake decorated with dripping chocolate, cookies and cherries.

wm Chocolate drippy cake


Fondant Open Book Cake

Open book cake covered with fondant and decorated with gold letters and numbers, pink sugar roses and green leaves. Cake was set on an embossed board trimmed with a pink ribbon.

wm open book cake

Fondant Buttons Cake

This is a fondant cake decorated with different sizes, shapes and colours of fondant buttons.  Sugar roses and a sugar bow completes the design.

wm buttons cake