Drip chocolate and cherry cake

8″ buttercream cake decorated with dripping chocolate, cookies and cherries.

wm Chocolate drippy cake



Fondant Open Book Cake

Open book cake covered with fondant and decorated with gold letters and numbers, pink sugar roses and green leaves. Cake was set on an embossed board trimmed with a pink ribbon.

wm open book cake

Fondant Buttons Cake

This is a fondant cake decorated with different sizes, shapes and colours of fondant buttons.  Sugar roses and a sugar bow completes the design.

wm buttons cake

Buttercream multicolour stars cake

Buttercream cake with multicolor stars piped with different sized star tips.  Multicolour sprinkles and red cherries completes the decor.

wm Buttercream multicolour stars cake (1)

Chocolate Drip Cake for your valentine’s day.

Chocolate and valentine’s day go together.

This is a 7″ chocolate cake, covered with buttercream and melted chocolate drizzle.  More chocolates completed the decor.

Have a lovely valentine’s day.

wm chocolate drip overload cake

Multi-colored buttercream cake

7″ vanilla cake decorated with cream coloured buttercream and multicolor wreath made with diverse open star tips.

wm Buttercream multicolour stars cake (1)

Cherries and multicoloured sprinkles complete the decor.