Order Form

We require these details to fulfill your order:

  1. Day of event:                        e.g. Friday, 7th December 2015 etc
  2. Type of event:                      birthday, anniversary etc
  3. Cake flavour:                       vanilla, chocolate etc.
  4. Size of cake:                        6”, 8” etc
  5. Shape of cake:                     round, square, book shape, football etc.
  6. Type of icing:                       buttercream, fondant, plain (no icing)
  7. Colour of icing:                     red, blue, etc
  8. Cake inscription:                  Happy birthday …, HBD, You are 1 today etc,
  9. Cake design:                       you can send us a sketch/drawing or picture by email but note that some designs will attract extra cost. Our email is gatsy.cakes@gmail.com
  10. Collection day and time OR
  11. Delivery venue and time:
  12. Name of contact at venue
  13. Name of customer
  14. Alternate phone number and/or email of customer
  15. Order date

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