My recent challenge

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone”

I recently challenged myself to make nine cakes for my baby’s nineth birthday.

I succeeded in making six. I have been hyper busy and I tend to make the cakes when I don’t have orders.

Below is a collage of the six cakes. I will update and resend when I make the remaining three cakes.


Chocolate Drip Cake for your valentine’s day.

Chocolate and valentine’s day go together.

This is a 7″ chocolate cake, covered with buttercream and melted chocolate drizzle.  More chocolates completed the decor.

Have a lovely valentine’s day.

wm chocolate drip overload cake

Fondant Buttons Cake

An 8″ vanilla cake covered with fondant and decorated with different shaped fondant buttons, bow and sugar roses.

wm buttons cake

Cake board embossed and trimmed with pink ribbon.