Cake designs for men.

Deciding on a design for a male’s cake is a bit difficult as most cake design elements tend to look feminine.

This men cake designs look-book is put together to give you an idea of lovely cakes you can make for the wonderful men God has placed in your life.

These designs are from various cake decorators for your viewing pleasure.

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Business Focus

Gatsy Cakes is a cake decorating business based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

We make bespoke celebration cakes but our specialty is Nigerian traditional or native wedding cakes.

We love to give our brides an awesome cake experience.

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Self-Improvement Saturday – Just Do It.

We all desire progress one way or the other.  Our plans and goals won’t fall into our laps while we sit and watch the television.  We have to get up and get going. Is there something you are supposed to do? Just do it.  I have so many plans for my cake decorating business but sometimes, getting up and taking steps can be so daunting. I guess I will just do it anyway.

Nike slogan cake   download  images (1)

Below is a lovely article on taking action.

What an amazing week – so much to celebrate! I am grateful for all of the things we did on the 4th – each being special in their own way. The 5k run with our family was such a fun (and active) way to start the day and it was fun to see so many people out in the community! A new tradition for sure. We then met some friends down at the beach and I am truly grateful for all of the amazing people we have met here. Then on to this beauty for a BBQ, fireworks and sleepover! I had no idea the fireworks over the bay were so spectacular and I’m glad we left the bubble to go! It’s funny though, we hemmed and hawed about not doing our usual – block party and fireworks from our yard that we can see from neighbouring Del Mar – but sometimes you just have to say yes to new opportunities and make them happen!

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Just Take Action

Edible prints and images

Edible prints are writings made with edible ink on fondant or icing sheets and are fit for human consumption.  These writing could be done with edible pens, edible paints etc.

lg globe cake

Names of continents written with edible pen

Edible images are pictures printed out on paper made from icing. The images are printed with edible ink in a normal printer dedicated solely to that purpose.

sofia edible pics

Cake with edible image of Sofia the First.

Foods decorated with edible images or printouts are fit for human consumption.

Printing edible images are usually quite expensive.  To reduce costs, bakers sometimes use stickers and normal paper printed images or real pictures but these must not be placed directly on the cake and the client must be informed that the images are not edible.