Sofia the First Cake

Sofia the first is a popular children television show.  Little Favour wanted a Sofia cake and she got one.  Happy birthday Favour.

wm sofia pic cake


Edible prints and images

Edible prints are writings made with edible ink on fondant or icing sheets and are fit for human consumption.  These writing could be done with edible pens, edible paints etc.

lg globe cake

Names of continents written with edible pen

Edible images are pictures printed out on paper made from icing. The images are printed with edible ink in a normal printer dedicated solely to that purpose.

sofia edible pics

Cake with edible image of Sofia the First.

Foods decorated with edible images or printouts are fit for human consumption.

Printing edible images are usually quite expensive.  To reduce costs, bakers sometimes use stickers and normal paper printed images or real pictures but these must not be placed directly on the cake and the client must be informed that the images are not edible.


Skill update – Cake Lace

Happy new month.

Cake lace has been around for quite a while.  I decided to go for a little training to enable me make the best use of the technique. It was quite easy to master and the cake below was for a customer after my training.

wm edible lace cake

The featured cake is a 7″ vanilla cake covered with pink fondant and blue cake lace. Gumpaste roses, leaves, buds and a plaque completes the decoration. The right birthday greeting was later written on the plaque with an edible marker before pickup.

Picture Cake

Picture cakes have been trending for a while now.  It was a pleasure to make this cake.  Pictures on cakes can be framed with fondant mini flowers, balls, beads or in frames made from silicone molds.

wm picture frame cake

The pictures could be real pictures or pictures printed on edible paper.

Fondant blossoms  and fondant number 9 were the cake topper.

Folded wrapper and suitcase cake

7″ folded wrapper cake placed on an 8″ suitcase cake for a bride who is set to depart to her new home.

wm suitcase and wrapper cake