Cake Heights

Both cakes are 8-inches heart-shaped cakes.
The one on the left is 1-inch high while the one on the right is 3 inches high.
They will not be priced the same although they were baked in the same size of pan.


Another favourite cake decorator

Another cake decorator whom I admire a lot is Rose Artwater of

I have followed her for some years now and her website is full of beautiful cakes and tutorials.

Gift box cake

7″ fondant covered cake. The sides are decorated with blue stripes. The box lid is made from blue fondant with a fondant bow topper.

The cake board is embossed with a Wilton embosser and adorned with a sugar rose.

wm blue gift box cake

Food safety – Storage of leftover cakes

We strive to bake our cakes as close to the celebration day as it possible.  We also don’t use any cake preservatives.  When I was in training as a cake decorator, I asked our teacher how we can preserve our cakes as people in this part of the world want to keep their cakes after the celebration, for weeks or even months if possible.  We were sternly warned not to use any so-called cake preservatives, to bake our cakes fresh and to inform the clients to consume within three days and store leftovers in the refrigerator.

I have gone a step further to advise all clients to store their leftover cakes in the FREEZER. The electricity supply in Nigeria is not constant so the fridge compartment may not be cool enough.  To avoid issues of clients complaining of spoilt cakes, I advise all clients to wrap all leftover cakes properly in plastic and/or foil and store in their freezers.

clingfilm  clingfilm 2 aluminium foil

Enjoy the article below from on Food Storage.

After a great party or dinner celebration, deciding what to do with a table full of leftovers may not be at the forefront of your mind, but it’s an important part of partying. It’s certainly a pity to waste good food, but letting leftovers linger without temperature control can be unsafe.

Article Source:

Food Storage: Storing Your Leftovers Safely