My favourite cake tool – small offset spatula

My small offset spatula is my most beloved cake tool. I use it to coat buttercream cakes and to crumb coat fondant cakes.

It is easier and more versatile than the big one which I also have.  I use the big offset spatula for crumb coating very large cakes only. Final smoothening will be with this small offset spatula.  I find it easier to control and maneuver.

offset spatula

The spatula is very helpful in picking up small fondant decorations like dots, letters and numbers etc.  I recently misplaced this spatula.  I had delivered and set up a wedding cake and forgot a small container with this spatula in it.  I searched all over the house for it.  I was sad as this spatula has been with me since my training days as a cake decorator.

I was reluctant to use my straight spatula as my knuckles kept digging into my buttercream cakes, making it difficult to smoothen.

I had to buy another spatula but I missed my old one with a wooden black handle.  The new offset spatula I bought was pink and had a plastic handle. Argh!

You could imagine my joy when I got my old spatula back.  I forgot it in the trunk of the car which took me to the wedding venue.  What a happy reunion we had!


Folded wrapper and suitcase cake

7″ folded wrapper cake placed on an 8″ suitcase cake for a bride who is set to depart to her new home.

wm suitcase and wrapper cake