Palm wine gourd (calabash) cake

This cake was ordered for a church service group’s thanksgiving celebration for 2017.  This is a small calabash cake complete with fondant garden eggs and fondant kolanut.

They ordered the calabash filled with “wine” cake to depict their joy in the Lord for a successful year (2017).

wm small calabash cake


Purple and Orange Flowers Wedding Cake

This is a four tier fruit cake.  The tiers are 4″ + 6″ + 9″ + 12″.  The cake is adorned with silver dragees and gumpaste flowers: purple peonies, orange coloured sweetpeas, white ranunculus, pink and white roses, white hydrangeas, white cherry blossoms, buds and gumpaste leaves.

wm purple and orange flowers wedding cake

Traditional wedding cake with fondant kolanuts, fondant garden eggs and fondant coral beads

Traditional wedding cake with fondant accessoriesI absolutely loved working with this bride.

This was a 12″ floral overlay fondant cake with small palmwine gourd cake.

The coral beads, palmwine cup, kolanuts, garden eggs and calabash bearing the kolanuts were all made of fondant.

The cake board was covered with gold fondant to match the wedding colours.

A simple plaque adorned the cake.